Machine Accounts in SafeSCARF

Machine Accounts” are a special type of accounts intended to be consumed over the API of SVMP. Machine Account can be created using the “Machine Account” tab inside the DT Cloud Services Portal.

List of Machine Account

New Machine Account can be created by pressing the “Create button, then the portal will generate a completely new Machine Account that will use “UUID” as a username. Instantly portal will provide generated API token to the owner, using a popup.

Machine Account creation

Keep in mind, generated API token will not be preserved, inside of the DT Cloud Services portal or SVMP, there for be sure that you copy and securely store token for later usage.

Under the “Machine account” tab user can anytime (based on his/her roles) activate or deactivate “Machine Account” by clicking on the slider located on the right side of the screen. By default, any user is able to “Deactivate” “Machine Accounts” created by him/her. Users with higher privileges are able to manage also the other “Machine accounts”.

Keep in mind, that deactivated “Machine Accounts” will not be able to assign to any “Product Type” or “Product”.