SafeSCARF Engagement creation

Each vulnerability (finding) is part of a “Test”, while Tests will be automatically created during the import of scan results. That's why Engagements” need to be created in front.

How to create engagement

  1. Open Product page (Find “Products” in the left bar, click on “All Products” and choose your product)

  2. Open the “Engagements” menu (middle of the top bar) and click on “Add New Interactive Engagement” or “Add New CI/CD Engagement” based on which kind of engagement do you need. If you are going to integrate with CI Job, it is recommended to use “CI/CD

  3. Name” is only a required field. It should describe what kind of scan will this engagement cover e.g. “Regular ZAP scan”. All other fields are optional and you can fill them based on your needs, in order to define a process in more detail.

  4. Click on “Done

Where I can find the ID of engagement?

Each engagement has a unique identification number (integer). It is the last part of the URL which represents the engagement page. It is very easy to locate “Engagement ID”. In your browser check the address bar on the engagement page or on the “View Engagement” page (open product page, click on “Engagements” and choose “View Engagement”) when you come over the name of engagement by a cursor.

Example of Engagement ID