SafeSCARF Product Type Management

In this guide is written how to order and edit product type and how to assign or unassigned user in specific product type.

Product Type Management

You can manage product type in Portal under "My Products>Safescarf" path inthe Product Types tab. In the Product Types tab, you can see the table with the list of existing Safescarf product types.


Above this list is Button “Create”. By clicking on this button It will open input fields for “Name” and “Description” of product type. After Clicking on the button “OK” the user will save changes and create a new product type. If a user decides not to create a new product type, he/she can easily click on the button “Cancel”.

In case a user wants to edit an existing product type there is the button “Edit”. After clicking on the Edit button, a user gets the option to modify the “Name” and “Description” of an existing product type. When a user finishes editing, he/she can save his/her changes by clicking on the button “OK” or discard changes by clicking on the button “Cancel”.