SafeSCARF Product Management

Product Management

You can manage products in Portal under "My Products>Safescarf" path in Products tab. In the Products tab, you can see a table with a list of existing Safescarf products.

Above this list is Button “Create”. By clicking on this button It will open input fields for “Name” and “Description” of product and dropdown from which user can choose “Product Type”. After Clicking on the button “OK” a user will save changes and create a new product. If a user decides to not create a new product, he/she can easily click on the button “Cancel”.

In case a user wants to edit an existing product there is the button “Edit”. After clicking on the Edit button, a user gets the option to modify the “Name”, “Description” and “Product Type” of an existing product. When a user finishes editing, he/she can save his changes by clicking on the button “OK” or discard changes by clicking on the button “Cancel”.

In case a user wants to delete a product, he/she clicks on the button “Delete”, after clicking on this button, there will be a question if a user really wants to delete a product and two-button “OK” and “Cancel”. By clicking on the button “OK” a user deletes a product.

Always do a double check when deleting a product, because deletation of product will have impact to all sub objects for selected product.