SafeSCARF Notifications

Notifications allow users/customers to subscribe to events related to the products they are tracking. It can be for example: adding products, engagements, tests, test results, and many more.

SafeSCARD supports multiple ways of customer notifications:

  • Alerts - are the standard type of notification, and it shows the icon on the top right corner of each user.

  • Emails - notifications are noticing SVMP users, using standard SMTP protocol. There is no need for the customer to set up an SMTP setting.

Keep in mind that corporate SPAM filter might block receiving of email notifications, so check your SPAM filter configuration not to block sender’s email address.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Notification

SLA notification feature reminds teams or managers when SLA is about to get breached or breaches. This could be the starting point for integrating your Incident Response process with your Vulnerability Management program.

By default we defined values:

  • Critical - 7d

  • High - 30d

  • Medium - 90d

  • Low - 120d

After the time period is defined system will consider vulnerabilities as a security breaches.

This are default values, but can be changed upon user’s request.

Notification subscription

SafeSCARF supports two ways of subscribing consumers to the notifications. The first way it enables setting global policy is by navigating to settings/notifications and those setting will be applied to all Product Types and Products.

Another way is to subscribe per Product by selecting a particular product and selecting the event checkbox, for wanted action on the bottom right corner of the form.