SafeSCARF Dashboard

SafeSCARF Dashboard is the landing page for each SafeSCARF user. Overthere users can have an overview of all products where a user has at least “Read” permissions. The user is able to access the SafeSCARF dashboard from the DT Cloud Services Portal by clicking on the “My Products” tab on the top of the screen. Choose the “SafeSCARF” product from the menu (it will as one of the possible options when you are assigned as a member of your SafeSCARF organization deployment):

My Product list

After the user clicked on the “SafeSCARF” from the “My Products” list, he/she will see this screen:

SafeSCARF Overview on DT Cloud Services Portal

SafeSCARF will be different for each customer. Also the URL displayed on the picture above is just for better imagination.

Users must click on the SafeSCARF URL from the picture above to reach the SafeSCARF Dashboard for this deployment.

Basic view represents:

  • Status overview of engagements, number of findings, number of closed findings, accepted risks

  • Historical Finding Severity

  • Reported finding by Month

  • Weekly activities