Order a Compute product - Standard process

You can order Compute site products directly on the portal. In this process, the ordered products are automatically deployed when the order is submitted. It supports production configurations for small and medium size sites. To order large configurations with more than 200 vCPU, please contact Pan-Net's commercial team (commercial.support@pan-net.cloud).

To begin the ordering process, log in to the portal, go to Products and select Order in the Compute column (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Starting the ordering process from the portal.

Ordering process

The ordering process of Compute products consists of 8 steps. Each steps is described on its own page consisting of:

  1. Product Description: The page gives an overview of the product. Detailed information can be found in https://pannet.atlassian.net/l/c/GnXVgNwT. Click NEXT to continue.

  2. Project: Define your OpenStack project (or tenant) by its place in your organization, in which data center to deploy a unique name.

  3. Compute: Select compute power by resource type and quantity (vCPU and RAM).

  4. Storage: Select the size of storage.

  5. Network: Choose whether to have Internet connectivity set up on the tenant or not. We recommend enabling Internet connectivity.

  6. Billing and Invoicing: Read through the billing conditions and click NEXT to accept.

  7. Modification and Termination: Read through the user conditions and click NEXT to accept.

  8. Summary: On the summary page, check that all selections are in accordance with your choices. You will also be presented with the average cost per month of the chosen product.

To place an order after verifying that the product configuration is correct, click on ORDER, or go back by click on the BACK button to make corrections.

You will receive an e-mail when the product is ready, including password to access the product in case it was the first product you created in the selected data center.