My Products page

Under the tab My Products you will find an overview of all your products (Figure 1). If you are a Technical Lead you will also have access to all the products under the project that you are managing. By clicking on any of the products in the table, you can expand the product view to show more information and the option to cancel it (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Product overview under My Products.

Figure 2. Expanded product details view.

Status of the Products

The Service Status is one of the following five operational states of a product in the Pan-Net cloud:

  • Active: An active product is a product that is in use.

  • Deploying: With some larger products or in datacenters with a low level of available resources, this state may appear after ordering. It will automatically switch to Active state after deployment, which may last a few minutes. In case that the Deploying state persists, please contact support at

  • Cancelled: After a product is manually cancelled it be marked as cancelled and no longer be accessible.

  • Expired: For time-limited trial products, after the trial expires it will be cancelled automatically and be marked as expired.

  • Suspended: In case there are any issues with payment or legal requirements, a product may be suspended and you will not be able to access it, but it will not be deleted. Please check the General Terms and Conditions for more information about the suspension process.