A Pan-Net Cloud Organization

An organization in the Pan-Net portal is defined by the pyramidal structure in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Organizational structure in the Pan-Net cloud.

  1. An Organization
    An organization centralizes your company structure in a single point to facilitate financial overview and user management.

  2. Several Business Units
    Business units are way to group different departments or sections in your company together which helps you keeping your cloud products organized.

  3. Several Projects
    Projects represent people working together on specific tasks, for example implementing user services based on cloud and application products for 5G, VOXX or IoT. Having the group in a single project facilitates insight of the different components and helps your engineers managing them.

  4. All the Products that you need
    Choose products from Pan-Net’s rich portfolio - please refer to the chapters below for detailed descriptions of our powerful products, including Compute, DevOps or Security.