First Steps

This chapter describes how to start working with DevOps Space Platforms.
DevOps Space management panel is a centralized resource for managing all DevOps Space users, enable and disable different Platforms for them and manage these Platforms resources.

All the steps below are described for a user with sufficient privileges. If any of the described functions are not available in your management panel, make sure your user has a proper role assignment.
Read more about portal roles for DevOps Space in “Users and Roles“.

As DevOps Space product is activated, it is pretty simple to start consuming Platforms.
All is needed for that is available in DevOps Space Management panel, accessible through the portal under the "My products>DevOps Space" path.

Users with elevated privileges:
1. Activate specific platform(s) for the user(s) with User Management menu.

2. Perform additional configuration for the Platform in a Platform’s menu (when applicable)

All users:
3. Go to “Overview“ tab, find Platform URL and follow the link.