Create New Safe

Create new safe with Add Safe button in Pan-Net Cloud Secrets

You can set Parent name, if you want it to be a child safe under an existing safe. Description field is optional.

Get authentication token and full path to your secrets

You can get token for a safe by clicking Get Token button. Desired access is set to default, but you can create read-only token by unchecking update and create checkboxes.
You can also see absolute Vault path for which token is generated.

2. Use default permissions or select a desired one

3. Copy secret token value and path to your secrets in the secret store cluster

The obtained token now can be used for managing secrets.

Please note that tokens for safes are NOT bind to people, but only to the safe.
On the other side, safe ownership is tied to person, so if your user token expire, just obtain a new one via Safes application and you can manage your secrets as before.