Start with Pan-Net Cloud Secrets

To use Pan-Net DevOps Space Package you need first DevOps Space product to be activated for you personal or Organization account on Pan-Net’s portal (

Request for a product, choose it's users (the list of users is available if you have more Pan-Net cloud users in your Organization) and go to the management panel to start using newly available tools.

Please note that a set of functions, available with management panel may differ for different user roles. To be able to manage user access to DevOps Space platforms and resources at least Technical lead role is needed. Read more about user roles here: Users and Roles

This guide describes how to enable Pan-Net Cloud Secrets account for your portal account, create safes and secrets and manage access.

User activation

After product ordering process is complete, all the users, selected on the Configuration step will be activated in Pan-Net Cloud Secrets.
Activation of Pan-Net Cloud Secrets account for new user or deactivation of existing one can be done on My Products/DevOps Space tab of the portal menu.
Select User Management/Cloud Secrets tab in the DevOps Space management panel menu on the left. Select users to activate/deactivate from the list of users on the right side (Figure 1)

Figure 1. Select users to activate/deactivate from the list of users in DevOps Space management panel.

Access Pan-Net Cloud Secrets Web UI

Ones your account is activated, you can login Pan-Nat Cloud Secrets using it's Web interface.

From the portal you can access DevOps Space graphical tools by the URL links in My Products/DevOps Space/Overview (Figure 2 )

Figure 2. Follow the URL link in the product overview to access platform web ui

Click the Url link in Cloud Secrets section. On the screen that shows click sign in button in the upper right corner (Figure 3)

Figure 3. On the Cloud Secrets login page click sign in button in the upper right corner

Enter your user name (e-mail address) and your password on the page, that shows. Use Pan-Net portal credentials (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Enter your user name and your password on the page, that shows.

You are being redirected to Cloud Secrets Web UI now (Figure 5)

Figure 5. Cloud secrets Web UI welcome page.

Work with Cloud Secrets

You can start using the functionality of Pan-Net Cloud Secrets.

Create a safe, add secrets add generate authentication tokens with different level of access according to your project architecture, members and ci/cd chain.

Read about safes and secrets creation in How to chapter:

You can also get more information about HashiCorp Vault functionality in official user documentation.