DevOps Space Overview

Сontinuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) - is a philosophy and methodology which was naturally born in software development environment to ensure quality and fast application development/delivery lifecycles.

This approach has found it's application and is widely used in Cloud environments, walking side by side with Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Staying flexible enough to cover wide range of use cases it assumes efficient development collaboration, automated code building, testing and delivery with short feedback loop.

Pan-Net DevOps Space embodies this concept in a set of well-known and proven tools in the industry. These tools successfully combine usability and functionality in order to provide everything you need to develop and roll-out your application to Pan-Net Cloud environment. A sufficient toolset, documentation and templates to launch cloud automation quickly and easily.

GitLab Enterprise Edition

GitLab is a widely used version control system with web-based git-repository manager , CI/CD pipeline features, issue-tracker and wiki.

GitLab provides the following general functionality:

  • Source Code Management

  • Issue Tracking

  • Continuous Integration

  • Continuous Delivery

  • GitLab Runners

Use Cases

  • Application development

  • Infrastructure deployment (Infrastructure as Code)

  • Configuration Management (Configuration as Code)

  • Project documentation management

  • Issue management (sprint backlogs, agile boards, user stories)

  • Multi-stages pipeline for CI/CD/CT during application development and delivery

Jfrog Artifactory

A universal Artifact Repository Manager, JFrog Artifactory provides the following functionality:

  • Online artifacts and metadata access

  • Simple integration with your build ecosystem

  • Functional package management with full support for docker: Docker Registry, Python PIP packages, Debian and lots of other package formats

  • Searching and filters for artifacts

Use Cases

  • Support the binary artefact management requirements of VNF/application orchestration (and so VNF/application onboarding), ready for CNF orchestration.

  • Complement GitLab with a binary repository service (where GitLab manages version-control friendly data - code, configuration files, etc, Artifactory will be used to store related binary data - any non-human readable data).

  • Provide a service (UI + API) to allow users to manage the storage and access of binary artefacts as part of their CI/CD processes in a secure, controlled fashion (Repository Provisioning, CI/Build of application/image binaries, distribution/access of binaries, etc).

  • Provide proximal caches nearer to applications to improve deployment experiences and protect against non-local failures (network outages, remote DC outages)

Security tools

  • Pan-Net Cloud Secrets service with a backend represented by HashiCorp Vault to protect secrets.

  • Xray for security scanning of all external artifacts from vendors and open sources