Consumption Model

DevOps Space product is provided by Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) consumption models.

All platforms are punning in DT Cloud Services environment. Activation of any Platform from the product provides user access to Platform’s graphical user interface (when applicable), Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Command Line Interface (CLI). All user-facing Platforms interfaces are exposed on the Internet.

DT Cloud Services provides:

  • Single management entry point with Portal

  • Central Platforms Instances are deployed in DT Cloud Services Cloud DCs

  • Fully managed service with L2-4 support

  • Ability to have public projects for the whole Group to promote your projects and to share knowledge and best practices.

  • Instance shared for several NatCos

  • Shared runner deployed in DT Cloud Services cloud DC:

    • For PoC purposes

    • To deploy Private Runners per project

Consumption Model

Solution components/tasks

SaaS ( )

Deployment and initial configuration of central instances of Artifactory, Gitlab, Vault, ZAProxy protected by WAF, plus shared CI Runner

DT Cloud Services in DCs Germany

Regular updates

Deuche Telekom Cloud Services

Deployment of Private CI Runner

Customer ( DT Cloud Services provides blueprints and examples)


Customer ( DT Cloud Services provides blueprints and examples)

User and group management

Users/Groups are created and deleted by customer

Network integration

DT Cloud Services provides exposure to Internet, DTH (DIN) and TDCN/IP2 (via redundant peering)

Group level common Knowledge base

Yes, provided by DT Cloud Services, contributions from NatCo

L1 support

DT Cloud Services SOC

L2 support

DT Cloud Services team

L3-4 support

Vendor/DT Cloud Services (for homegrown components)