Consumption Model

DevOps Space product is provided by Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) consumption models.

All platforms are punning in Pan-Net environment. Activation of any Platform from the product provides user access to Platform’s graphical user interface (when applicable), Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Command Line Interface (CLI). All user-facing Platforms interfaces are exposed on the Internet.

Pan-Net provides:

  • Single management entry point with Portal

  • Central Platforms Instances are deployed in Pan-Net Cloud DCs

  • Fully managed service with L2-4 support

  • Ability to have public projects for the whole Group to promote your projects and to share knowledge and best practices.

  • Instance shared for several NatCos

  • Shared runner deployed in Pan-Net cloud DC:

    • For PoC purposes

    • To deploy Private Runners per project

Consumption Model

Solution components/tasks

SaaS ( )

Deployment and initial configuration of central instances of Artifactory, Gitlab, Vault, ZAProxy protected by WAF, plus shared CI Runner

Pan-Net in Pan-Cloud DCs Germany

Regular updates


Deployment of Private CI Runner

Customer ( Pan-Net provides blueprints and examples)


Customer ( Pan-Net provides blueprints and examples)

User and group management

Users/Groups are created and deleted by customer

Network integration

Pan-Net provides exposure to Internet, DTH (DIN) and TDCN/IP2 (via redundant peering)

Group level common Knowledge base

Yes, provided by Pan-Net, contributions from NatCo

L1 support

Pan-Net SOC

L2 support

Pan-Net team

L3-4 support

Vendor/Pan-Net (for homegrown components)