NAT gateway

NAT provides one-to-many or many-to-one address translation between a public IPv4 address and instances with private addresses on a LAN. Destination NAT (DNAT) is used implicitly in the cloud, whereas source NAT (SNAT) is configured by the user.

The NAT function is provided by DT Cloud Services, and any instance within the tenant can be allowed Internet access. DT Cloud Services is using a carrier grade NAT that dynamically allocates shared public IPv4 addresses with relevant port identification.

NAT instance

The user creates an instance with a NAT function. DT Cloud Services provides the tenant with public (floating) IP addresses, but the user is responsible for configuring and maintaining the NAT function for the tenant. This is done through the configuration of networks, subnets and routers that are associated with instance interfaces.

More information about the NAT concept can be found under Concepts in