BGP as a Service (BGPaaS) is an optional feature used for advanced routing and health check functions in a VPC. Border gateway protocol (BGP), specifically external BGP, enables data routing in networks of networks (autonomous systems, AS). The feature is required for load balancing with ECMP. Deployment of BGPaaS is a joint activity between the customer and DT Cloud Services.


The BGP as a Service (BGPaaS) feature allows a virtual machine (VM) to place routes in its own virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instance using BGP. This is important where the application needs to control the network traffic (load balancing), moving the endpoints, provide a high-availability solution, or when the endpoints are hidden from the network by an additional overlay.

Some of the BGPaaS features in DT Cloud Services are:

  • Flow hashing based on 5-tuple (source IP, destination IP, protocol, source port, destination port)

  • Establishes direct connections between components according to BGP announcements and supports flow stickiness (ECMP), described further in Load balancing

  • Health checks are performed inherently by the VNF via BGP

  • BGPaaS objects can be created by orchestration. Once it has been created, route programming is dynamically performed by the VNF.

Beryllium implementation

BGPaaS is a Contrail feature offered by DT Cloud Services as an optional service. Activation of BGPaaS needs configuration by Technical Support

Boron implementation

In Boron, BGPaaS is an optional feature deployed with either of the two supported speakers (route server), BIRD or ExaBGP. Note that BGPaaS is needed for load balancing with ECMP. Activation of BGPaaS needs configuration by Technical Support