Product Overview

To use DT Cloud Services cloud computing services, a tenant needs to be created that consists of resources reserved in geographically distributed data centers.

  • Tenants are running in DT Cloud Services’s data centers in Europe – compliant with DT standards and organized after a geo-redundant location concept. 

  • All available services are exposed via OpenStack APIs and optional open source infrastructure as code (IaC) toolkits are available to simplify deployments. Deployment and configuration can be further automated with data in human-readable resource files.

  • OpenStack APIs can be accessed through a GUI and dashboard, CLI or through a RESTful web-based interface.

The Compute product is available in two releases: Beryllium and Boron.

  • The section Releases provides more general information about DT Cloud Services Beryllium and Boron.

  • Each section throughout the entire documentation covers both releases and highlights the differences, where any exist.

The DT Cloud Services Compute Product Line offers a variety of services and functionalities shown with navigation links in Table 1.

Table 1. Services related to DT Cloud Services Compute.