Create a tenant

A tenant is a user cloud space where all resources and services are created. There are two ways to set up a tenant - through DT Cloud Services’s self-service portal or by contacting DT Cloud Services Service Operations Center (SOC) by e-mail at

When a user creates a tenant in a chosen data center, the user’s e-mail address serves as user name. After the first tenant in a data center has been set up, an automatically generated password is sent to the user, which is used to login to the tenant. The same password is valid for all tenants in the same data center - creation of another tenant in the same data center by the same user will therefore not generate a new password.

On DT Cloud Services’s portal, the access link to the tenant (based on Horizon) can be found. The user can also change password if desired.

To change password, login to the DT Cloud Services portal. Click on your user name (e-mail address) in the upper right-hand corner of the page to open the account administration menu. Click on Settings to open the input page, enter your old password, your new password (twice), and the data center it applies to (Figure 1). Click CHANGE to apply the password change.

Figure 1. Changing password in the DT Cloud Services portal.