DT Cloud Services Cloud supports OpenStack API to provide networking to its tenants through SDN. This enables the necessary calls to create, delete, and update network resources as defined in OpenStack. Orchestration through the OpenStack API to the SDN controller facilitates operations within a tenant such as:

  • Creating a virtual network for a tenant

  • Attach a VM to a virtual network

  • Connect a virtual network to an external network (for example, the Internet or a VPN)

  • Apply a security policy to a group of VMs

  • Deploy a network service (for example, a load balancer) in a virtual network

The SDN controller translates requests into specific actions on the relevant physical and virtual network devices. A single tenant can have multiple virtual networks. The virtual networks might or might not be connected to each other using a L3 router, a firewall, a NAT, a load balancer, or some other service.