Welcome to the documentation space of DT Cloud Services Compute. Herein you can find product descriptions, user guides, tutorials and much more related to DT Cloud Services Compute.

DT Cloud Services offers cloud computing services under the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model. You can provision instances (virtual machines) as well as the associated networking and storage components and then deploy your application into those instances. The physical infrastructure underneath is fully and transparently managed for easy consumption.

The flexibility in allocating and configuring resources as needed and the high availability makes DT Cloud Services’s cloud infrastructure suitable for a wide range of use cases including

  • Everyday computing such as web hosting, publishing, file storage, etc.

  • High-performance computing and networking, such as data planes of virtual network functions, gaming, transcoding for streaming, etc.

  • High memory workloads such as large in-memory sessions caching for virtual network functions, large in-memory data Bases, in-memory analytics, etc.